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Bearing Engineering and supply

Engineered ball bearings , 
custom-made according to buyer's drawings or samples, 
Standard series or non-standard products , with the best design based on customer expects. 
Bearing size ID2mm through OD2000mm , 
Ball bearing,tapered rooller bearing,spherical roller bearing,cylindrical roller bearing,needle roller bearing,track roller,guide roller,conveyer chain roller,pulley...... 
Supports from a professional partnership supplier to OEM/ODM , worth expecting to you !
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At Bearing Engineering and Supply, we take pride in delivering precision-engineered bearings and exceptional supply solutions. Our bearings are meticulously crafted to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in various applications.


Our bearings find application across a wide spectrum of industries, including but not limited to:

  1. Automotive: Our bearings play a critical role in vehicle components, from wheel hubs to transmissions, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

  2. Industrial Machinery: In manufacturing and heavy industries, our bearings contribute to the smooth running of machines, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

  3. Aerospace: Precision is paramount in aerospace, and our bearings are trusted for their reliability in critical flight systems.

  4. Medical Equipment: The precision and durability of our bearings make them ideal for medical devices, ensuring consistent performance and patient safety.

  5. Energy Generation: Bearings used in turbines, generators, and other energy systems benefit from our precision engineering, increasing overall efficiency.

  6. Marine and Offshore: Harsh environments demand rugged reliability, and our bearings excel in marine and offshore applications.


  1. Precision Engineering: Our bearings are manufactured with precision, reducing friction and wear, leading to longer lifespan and improved performance.

  2. Exceptional Quality: Rigorous quality control processes ensure that every bearing meets or exceeds industry standards.

  3. Custom Solutions: We offer tailored bearing solutions to meet specific client needs, whether it's size, load capacity, or environmental factors.

  4. Global Reach: With a vast distribution network, we can provide timely supply solutions to clients worldwide.

  5. Technical Expertise: Our team of engineers and technical experts is available to provide support and guidance, ensuring you select the right bearings for your application.

  6. Cost-Effective: Our competitive pricing combined with the longevity of our bearings leads to a lower total cost of ownership.

We are not just salespersons . 

A full range of support from us will make your products more competitive  -- engineering&supply bearings, whatever standard series or non-standard bearings , especially consolidated engineering&supply the bearing+shaft+gear+machining parts . This way not only makes the purchase manager work with better efficient but also makes the transmission system runs reliable and longer life.  

Bearing is not a universal "general industrial standard parts" as it is simply called ,  it needs to be professionally designed to coordinate with the shaft, gear and other mechanical parts, also the whole equipment ,the environment should be considered .

In order to design the most suitable bearings for an application it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study on bearing and the shaft, gear and the housing, the equipment in which the bearing will be installed , consider including operating condition , environment , the performance required of the other components to be installed along with it , marketability , and cost performance , etc.

We are professional and experienced with bearings , engineering and supply bearings according to drawings and/or specification from the clients ,bearings are engineered appropriately, based on its function , with appropriately material , appropriately tolerance , grease , radial play........

For more information,please contact with us .

Bearing tolerances are standardized , usually class 0(P0,ABEC-1) offers adequate performance for general applications,class 5(P5, ABEC-5) or higher(P4,P2,ABEC-7,ABEC-9) are required for important machine.However in some equipments tolerance different to standard's is needed ,we can always carefully thinking about bearings tolerances permissible values such as the boundary dimensions and running accuracy ,cage ,internal clearance,grease,seals/shields.....a full range of engineering support service , more than you expect .

Appropriate material is considered for our bearings , high Carbon Chrome Steel(GB-GCr15,DIN-100Cr6,AFBMA/ASTM-52100) is usual , Medium Carbon Steel(GB-45#,DIN-AFBMA/ASTM-1040) , Medium Carbon Alloy Steel , Low Carbon Steel , Low Carbon Alloy Steel,Stailess Steel , Ceramic ZrO2 or Si3N4 , Plastic PA,POM,PEEK,PTFE,Viton ......Depends on your expects to the bearing . 

Terms of  price :  Ex-works , FOB ,CIF , FCA ....

Payment : T/T , LC . 

Logistic : Express(FEDEX,TNT,DHL,UPS),Airfreight , Train , Seafreight . 

Manufacturing Process Show(Bearing)




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