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    Bearings, shafts, gears and machining parts, ONE-STOP supply, make it easier for customers to purchase.

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    Experts teamwork-professional engineers cooperate with experienced masters and practiced operators in workshop.

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    All process guided by ISO9000 or IATF16949 system requests, quality improve constantly.

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    Be a responsible company , to be your trusted partner. Make Your Idea come True.

Ningbo AND Machinery Co., Ltd.

“AND”, Ningbo AND Machinery, is professional with mechanical motion parts , engineering&supply bearings, shafts, gears and machining parts to our OEM/ODM customers world wide .  

Our well-educated engineers cooperative work with the experts-who with many years of experience in the mechanical processing industry-in workshops,comprehensively consider the balance between product performance and processing capacity/processing costs, that is, to ensure product performance while controlling lower costs; we have the ability to participate in the discussion of optimal design of transmission parts when clients develop new products, to help speed up the development process;

Each of our manufacturers has specialized products and processes he is good at , which is the most cost-effective - based on this concept, we integrate and manage our supply chain, form a production-sales community. We , AND, play an important role in the community to make the communication more smooth and the supply chain runs more efficient and stable. We organize and manage orders according to ISO9000 or IATF16949 quality system—most manufacturers have the certificates , strictly control the quality / improve the quality. We turn the customer's requirements, ideas and concepts into reality, make the customer's products more competitive and help my customer succeed.

Three parties of the chain , manufacturers- AND-our foreign clients , cooperates to each other in engineering / quality control&improve / reduce costs/communicate&service , we are complementary and win-win. 

We have established firm and long cooperative relationship with clients all over the world in the past 20 years , built good reputation depends on our professional technical ability and perfect service. 

We are unsung heroes, supporting machines running in every corner of the world.

Drop me an opportunity to become a trusted partner to you !




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