• How does AND manage such different series products ?

    AND was built since year1997, was rapid developing in step with China-made capability growing, especially after 2001 we joined in WTO. More than 20years experienced TQM--ISO9000--QS9000--TS16949/IATF16949 history, we expertly manage engineering&supplying. We know better manufacturers and easier managing than foreign customers, know better servicing to foreign customers than manufacturers. 
  • How is AND quality compare to other suppliers in China?

    AND engineering and supplies bearings&shafts&gears according to ISO, AFBMA , AGMA and DIN... worldwide accepted standards. Our products are manufacturered guiding by ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality system, guarantees a consistent high quality level.
    AND is an important active participant in the chain, we actually do a lot more than selling—we design, we manufacture, we inspect, we bring experience and expertise, and most important we find any way to exceed the expectation of our customers. 
  • In which fields of applications are AND products used?

    AND products are running in manyfields because our products are basic components of mechanical power transmission machinery, for construction, mining, agricultural machinery, food machinery and household appliances, machine tools and all other equipments of industry process, also exist in new energy power generation, E-Bike, Electric vehicle, etc...
  • Is AND providing technical support for the application of their products

    AND has engineers which have many years of experience in product and application design to assist our customers in bearing/shaft/gear selection, design, product development, and testing.
  • Is the delivery from China reliable and guaranteed?

    AND has more 20years experience supplying products from China to all over the world, established complete supplying chain and know how to guarantee reliable delivery and excludes potential problems and delays. 

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