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Ceramic Bearing

ZrO2 or Si3N4 made bearings,ball bearing, tapered roller bearing,cylindrical roller bearing,needle roller bearing,spherical roller bearing.......,Work under insulated,strong corrosive,extreme temperature,without lubricating,high speed condition . Custom-made , whatever standard series or nonstandard products , with the best design based on customer expects. Supports from a professional partnership supplier to OEM/ODM , worth expecting to you !

We supply ceramic bearing , also ceramic made machinery parts. 

We are not just only salespersons . 

A full range of support from us will make your products more competitive  -- engineering&supply bearings, whatever standard series or non-standard bearings , especially consolidated engineering&supply the bearing+shaft+gear+machining parts . This way not only makes the purchase manager work with better efficient but also makes the transmission system runs reliable and longer life.  


Bearing is not a universal "general industrial standard parts" as it is simply called ,  it needs to be professionally designed to coordinate with the shaft, gear and other mechanical parts, also the whole equipment ,the environment should be considered .

In order to design the most suitable bearings for an application it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study on bearing and the shaft, gear and the housing, the equipment in which the bearing will be installed , consider including operating condition , environment , the performance required of the other components to be installed along with it , marketability , and cost performance , etc.

We are professional and experienced with bearings , engineering and supply bearings according to drawings and/or specification from the clients ,bearings are engineered appropriately, based on its function , with appropriately material , appropriately tolerance , grease , radial play........


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